Thursday, May 30, 2013

My precious little princess...Yasemeen Maythem Al-Adile

It has been quite long time i didn't do anything on my blogspot. No mood to try and yet nothing to write. But now, I am very thankful to ALLAH Almighty to give me a chance to get a title as a mother. Syukur wal alhamdulilah.

It was happened on last Ramadhan 2012. The last 5 days before Aidilfitri celebration. My husband pushed me to check using Pregnancy Urine Test either I really pregnant or not. I refused to do so at beginning. Well it was not I don't want a baby, but after three years of our marriage, every month if my period time late in one or two days and I did test but all in vain. OMG, but after testing, I cried and sujud syukur to ALLAH after I saw 'two lines' on the pregnancy test.

on 25th April 2013 ( I wish it would happen on 21st April to get same birthday with me) hehe.I delivered a beautiful girl at 4.52 am at Hospital Ipoh after two days of my contraction. It was NORMAL delivery!! yeay

The very first hours after delivery

Innocent and beautiful eyes

At 6.30 am on the same day, two nurses send me and my baby back to our room. I was so excited to see a face of my princess. She look wrinkled and slightly blotchy at first. Her face mostly follow her father especially her nose. As a first time to be a mother, I didn't know what to do. One of the nurse asked me to change her dryper. Ooo OOo. No experience at all and the nurse just left us without teaching us. Then I took dryper and  I noticed that I didn't bring a wet tissue. haha. My husband gave me a normal tissue and ask me to put water over. I didn't notice that my husband was capturing a video of us while I changing her. When I watched it again, I wanted to cry because I feel that I am very bad mother. The video shows that I let my baby cry without knowing that she was cold right after delivery and I didn't do anything to cover her. Luckily an Indian nurse came and helped us.

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